Measurement & Modeling Techniques (10 MHz – 75 GHz)

On-wafer measurement techniques using CPW probes, S-parameter & noise measurement, noise parameters


V-band (50-75 GHz) noise measurement set-up 26 GHz noise measurement set-up On-wafer transistor measurement

RF-MEMS measurement techniques using vector techniques based on RF/microwave instrumentation: dynamics, power handling, mechanical transfer function, IMD, S-parameters


RF MEMS Vector Measurement System Measurement of self-actuation on a MEMS capacitor Actuation & release times of a RF MEMS switch

Thermo-mechanical modeling of the RF-MEMS based on finite-element models


U-shaped electrothermal vertical actuator at its nominal position and under 4 V actuation voltage

Modeling of circuit components for RF, microwave and millimeter waves up to 75 GHz. Electromagnetic and multimodal modeling of CPW-based circuits

CPW odd-mode EM model

Microvision and vacuum chamber characterization