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PhD Thesis

  1. “Analysis of finline discontinuities “. Author: Antoni Barlabé. University: UPC. Date: 26-2-1996. Advisors: Lluís Pradell and Adolfo Comerón
  2. “Microwave transistor characterization techniques applied to the transistor linear modeling”. Author: Francesc Purroy. University: UPC. Date: 11-7-1996. Advisor: Lluís Pradell
  3. “Physical Modeling of MESFETs and HEMTs with application to noise modeling” Author: Antonio Lázaro. University: UPC. Date: 4-3-1999. Advisor: Lluís Pradell
  4. “Multimodal modeling of transitions and asymmetries in coplanar waveguides” Author: Miquel Ribó i Pal. University: URL. Date: 26-1-2001. Award: Fundación EPSON – Rosina Ribalta best thesis in ITC area, date: 8-6-2001. Advisor: Lluís Pradell
  5. “Theoretical and experimental optimization of microwave mixers” Author: Arturo Velázquez Ventura. University: UPC. Date : 4-12-2002. Advisors: Lluís Pradell and Adolfo Comerón
  6. “The Planck Mission. Design of broadband and high-sensitivity millimeterwave-band detectors” Author: Pedro de Paco Sánchez University: UPC. Date : 19-9-2003. Advisor: Lluís Pradell
  7. “Active device noise parameter measurement based on matched source” Author: Mª del Carmen Maya Sánchez. University: UPC. Date : 15-12-2003. Advisors: Antonio Lázaro and Lluís Pradell
  8. “MEMS switches and capacitors for mixcrowave communication systems” Author: David Girbau i Sala. University: UPC. Date : 14-7-2006. Advisors: Antonio Lázaro and Lluís Pradell
  9. “Analysis of planar discontinuities using the generalized transverse resonance method” Author: Jaber El Hadad. University: UPC. Date : 20-7-2006. Advisors: Antoni Barlabé and Adolfo Comerón
  10. “Snap-Action Bistable Micromechanism Actuated by Non-linear Resonance”. Author: Jasmina Casals-Terré. University: UPC. Date: 9-11-2007. Advisors: Ramon Capdevila Pages and Andrei Shkel
  11. “Design and optimization of RF power LDMOS for base station applications” Author: Ignasi Cortés. University: UPC. Date: 8-2-2008. Advisors : David Flores and Lluís Pradell.
  12. “Microwave uniplanar multimodal reconfigurable circuits” Author: Marco Antonio Llamas Morote. University: UPC.. Date 14-9-2009. Advisors: Lluís Pradell and David Girbau
  13. “Microwave integrated tunable filters” Author: Zabdiel Brito-Brito. University: UPC. Advisor: Ignacio Llamas-Garro Date: 21-6-2010
  14. “Organic Based Components for Highly Integrated Millimeterwave Systems” Author: Edith Aline Jaimes Vera. University: UPC. Advisor: Ignacio Llamas-Garro. Date: 16-3-2012
  15. “Multimodal reconfigurable filters” Author: Adrián Contreras-Lizárraga. University: UPC. Advisors: Lluís Pradell and Miquel Ribó. Date: 29-11-2013
  16. “Reconfigurable High Efficiency Power Amplifiers using RF MEMS Tuners” Author: Mitra Gilasgar. University: UPC. Advisors: Antoni Barlabé and Lluís Pradell. Estimated finishing date: November-2016