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Technical Facilities

On-wafer S-parameters & noise parameters measurement techniques:

  • HP 8510C 2-port Network Analyzer (10 MHz-50Ghz) + HP85106D waveguide extension (50-75 GHz)
  • Agilent 4-port PNA-X Network Analyzer (10 MHz-50 GHz)
  • Cascade-Microtech Summit 9000 wafer-probe station
  • Calibration algorithms: OSLT, TRL, LRM, LRRM
  • Noise factor meter HP8970B + extension HP8971C to 26 GHz
  • Block down-converters for noise measurement: Miteq LNB-2642-50 (26-40 GHz), Millitech CDA-22-RC066A (33-50 GHz) and Millitech CDA-15-RC545B (50-75 GHz)

Spectrum analyzer Agilent PSA E4448A (3 Hz – 50 GHz)


Vector signal generator Agilent ESG E4438C (250 KHz – 6 GHz)


7265 DSP Lock In amplifier


HP digital signal analyzer (1-1kHz)


Vacuum chamber


Microvision system



  • Agilent ADS/Momentum/EMDS
  • Coventor CoventorWare
  • Cascade-Microtech WinCal XE high frequency measurement calibration software
  • Own software: on-wafer calibration, small signal/noise modeling, electromagnetic methods
  • ANSYS multiphysics
  • L-edit

Fabrication facilities:

  • Wedge wire-bonding microsoldering machines
  • SMD and chip pick-and-place and die-bonding machine
  • Microwave Integrated Circuit Mounting, photolithography and chemical etching
  • Precision Mechanical Workshop