Development of RF-MEMS switches and reconfigurable RF-MEMS circuits

Design and applications of RF-MEMS to creconfigurable microwave and millimeter wave circuits: microswitches, phase shifters, phase switches and filters

Capacitive RF-MEMS SPDT and SPST SPDT with ohmic-contact RF-MEMS switches (LAAS-CNRS technology) (FBK technology)



MEMS switch with electrostatic actuation (MEMSCAP MetalMUMP technology)



0˚/180˚ multimodal phase switch with integrated DC-contact MEMS switches (FBK technology)


Reconfigurable and switchable RF-MEMS filters

Fine-tune passband filter. Technology: CNM Bellaterra



Reconfigurable-bandwidth bandpass filter          RF-MEMS reconfigurable section                          Measured S-parameters
                                                                             (FBK technology)




 RF-MEMS frequency-reconfigurable bandpass filter        RF-MEMS 3-bit switched-capacitor bank            Measured S-parameters
                                                                                              (FBK technology)


RF-MEMS measurement using vector techniques based on RF/microwave instrumentation: dynamics, power handling, mechanical transfer function, IMD, S-parameters


RF MEMS Vector Measurement System Self-actuation on a MEMS capacitor Actuation & release times (RF MEMS switch)


Design of RF-MEMS ohmic and capacitive switches


Shunt RF-MEMS ohmic-contact switch (switchable air-bridge, SAB) (FBK technology)                      Switch measurement using SG-GS microprobes

Bridge-type RF-MEMS capacitive switch

Thermo-mechanical modeling of the RF-MEMS based on finite-element models

U-shaped electrothermal vertical actuator at its nominal position and under 4 V actuation voltage