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The Microwave Systems Area includes the design and fabrication of microwave and millimeter wave circuits up to 75 GHz in microstrip and coplanar (CPW) technologies, and applications of ohmic-contact and capacitive-contact RF-MEMS microswitches to reconfigurable devices. The circuits and devices are designed using electromagnetic, multimodal and mechanical modeling techniques and they are measured applying on-wafer techniques.


Main topics:

  • Development of RF-MEMS switches and reconfigurable RF-MEMS circuits
  • Hybrid/Integrated Circuits and Systems for Microwave/mm-wave Communications (1-75 GHz)
  • Measurement & Modeling Techniques (10 MHz – 75 GHz)

In-house Technical Facilities:

  • On-wafer S-parameters & noise parameters measurement techniques facilities.
  • Vacuum chamber
  • Fabrication facilities
  • RF instrumentation up to 75 GHz.


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